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September 5th & 6th, Cape Town
Southern Africa is arguably the most interesting region
                                                                                in the most popular continent in the world right now for mining exploration and investment
                                                                                TOP LEVEL SPEAKERS:
                                                                                GIDEON NDALAMA, Acting
                                                                                Director of Mines, MINISTRY
                                                                                OF MINES AND MINERALS
                                                                                DEVELOPMENT OF ZAMBIA
                                                                                CHARLES SIWAWA, CEO,
                                                                                BOTSWANA CHAMBER OF MINES
                                                                                KOMBADAYEDU KAPWANGA,
                                                                                Managing Director, SAKAWE
                                                                                MINING CORPORATION(SAMICOR)
                                                                                MASHALE PHUMAPHI,
                                                                                Managing Director, SHUMBA
                                                                                COAL (BOTSWANA)
                                                                                NOAH NHLEKO, Senior Geologist
                                                                                - Geological Survey and Mines
                                                                                Department, MINISTRY OF
                                                                                NATURAL RESOURCES AND
                                                                                ENERGY (SWAZILAND)
                                                                                JUSTIN CHINYANTA, Chairman
                                                                                and Chief Executive
                                                                                Officer, LOITA CAPITAL
                                                                                MONTWEDI MPHATHI, Managing
                                                                                Director, BOTSWANA ASH (PTY)
                                                                                NKOSINATHI NGWENYA, Head of
                                                                                Policy, SOUTH AFRICAN MINING
                                                                                DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION
                                                                                DR. CLAUDE KABEMBA,
                                                                                Director, SOUTHER N AFRICA
                                                                                RESOURCE WATCH
                                                                                DR SIXTUS MULENGA, Co-
                                                                                Founder & CEO, TRANTER
                                                                                RESOURCES ZAMBIALTD
                                                                                TEMBA MABASA HAWADI, Director
                                                                                of the Zimbabwe Geological
                                                                                Survey Department, MINISTRY
                                                                                OF MINES AND MINING
                                                                                DEVELOPMENT OF ZIMBABWE
                                                                                ABUBEKIR SALIM, Managing
                                                                                Director, VUNANI RESOURCES
                                                                                MR. ONTHUSITSE HAROLD
                                                                                MELAETSA, Principal Minerals
                                                                                Officer, MINISTRY OF
                                                                                MINERALS, ENERGY AND WATER
                                                                                RESOURCES OF BOTSWANA
                                                                                RAHJAHN ISHWAR,
                                                                                CHAIRMAN, RISE AFRICA
                                                                                MINING & EXPLORATION
                                                                                DANIEL THENGA, Mining and
                                                                                Exploration Geologist,   ANGLO
                                                                                PLATINUM (SOUTH AFRICA)
                                                                                ZOZO SIGODI, Group
                                                                                Managing Director, SIGEO
                                                                                INVESTMENT HOLDINGS
                                                                                DR GABRIEL KAMGA, Managing
                                                                                Mining companies and investors looking towards southern
                                                                                Africa faces a huge and complex region rich with diversity,
                                                                                opportunity and challenge. While nobody can doubt the vast
                                                                                potential of one of the world’s most abundant natural resource
                                                                                regions, few can escape the barriers to investment and
                                                                                Despite a history of mining in southern Africa that dates back
                                                                                to before the 20th century, parts of the region are woefully
                                                                                immature. Huge investment is still needed almost everywhere:
                                                                                from the beginning of the process, exploration, to production,
                                                                                transport, skills, education, infrastructure and exports.
                                                                                The Southern Africa Mining Forum 2013 is the only event of
                                                                                its kind to focus exclusively on mining opportunities in the
                                                                                Southern Africa region.
                                                                                Featuring a streamed Conference, Exhibition and
                                                                                Networking Evening
                                                                                Discover the latest strategies and opportunities in
                                                                                Southern Africa’s mining boom
                                                                                Benefit from the latest information on mining projects,
                                                                                licences, exploration opportunities and investment
                                                                                across Southern Africa
                                                                                Meet and interact with government delegations from
                                                                                across the region
                                                                                Network with international investors looking for
                                                                                investment opportunities in Southern Africa’s mining
                                                                                Benefit from extensive networking opportunities in the
                                                                                comfort of the Lagoon Beach Hotel
                                                                                Director, HAVILAH CONSOLIDATED
                                                                                RESOURCES (PTY) LTD.
                                                                                JEAN ADOLPHE BITENU, Director
                                                                                for Investment Promotion,
                                                                                THE NATIONAL AGENCY FOR
                                                                                INVESTMENT PROMOTION
                                                                                (ANAPI) OF DR CONGO.
                                                                                REUBEN MALEMA, Director, TIARA
                                                                                MINING (SOUTH AFRICA)
                                                                                FRED ARENDSE, Group Chief
                                                                                Executive, SSC GROUP
                                                                                Featuring interactive
                                                                                round table
                                                                                discussions with our
                                                                                top mining experts
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